The Best Outdoor Games That Everyone Will Want to Play

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From fun competition, fresh air, exercise, and quality time, playing outdoor games has many benefits. An outdoor game can help direct your family’s focus and encourage everyone to play outdoors for longer. While outdoor games are great for a summer party, they can also be enjoyable for a warm afternoon when it's just you and your kiddos.

Look for games that are age-appropriate, durable, fun, and easy to use in your yard or outdoor space. We carefully considered any age recommendations, design, ease of use, entertaining value, toy safety, and durability when reviewing products.

Here are the best outdoor games the whole family will enjoy.

Best Overall

Hakol Lawn Darts

Hakol Lawn Darts


The Hakol Lawn Darts earn a top spot on our list because they're safe, fun, and easy for the whole family to play for a beach day, in the yard, or at the park. The game is rated safe for kids 6 and up, and can be used during the day for lots of entertainment. But once it gets dark, kids will love how they glow, so there’s a whole new level of added fun!

Simply place the rings in the yard and challenge your crew to toss the rounded weighted darts to land in the rings. The darts can bounce and roll a bit, so it’s a challenge to get them in the ring. Included are four darts, two rings, and a carry bag.

Price at time of publication: $45

Best for Families

4 Fun Giant Kick Croquet

4 Fun Giant Kick Croquet


Forget stuffy croquet and go for giant kick croquet! Fun and safe for ages 3 and up, this family game is a great addition to your collection of outdoor toys. Inflate the two giant croquet balls with the included pump, set up the stakes and wickets, and have fun kicking the ball through the stakes. Set up the course to be as simple or as challenging as your crew desires. This game works best in the grass.

Price at time of publication: $35

Best Active

Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball Game Set


Easy to learn but hard to master, you’ll get your heart rate pumping with a fun game of Spikeball. Like a mix of volleyball and four-square, the game is fast-moving and can be modified in a number of ways, depending on the number and skill level of players. Perfect for the backyard, beach, park, or anywhere else, the standard kit comes with everything you need and packs up into an easy-to-carry tote bag.

Price at time of publication: $65

Best Budget

Melissa & Doug Froggy Kickball

Melissa & Doug Froggy Kickball

Courtesy of Melissa & Doug

One of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to entertain kids outside is to simply hand them a big ball. This Melissa & Doug kickball is the perfect size for kids to kick, bounce, throw, roll, catch, or play endless classic ball games. With options from games like kickball for a crowd to imaginative play for one or two kids, a big bouncing ball is a perfect toy. The ball arrives fully inflated but can be reinflated when needed.

Price at time of publication: $23

Best for Big Kids

Wood City Giant Tumble Tower Game

Wood City Giant Tumble Tower Game

Courtesy of Wood City

Everyone’s favorite stacking game just got a whole lot bigger for some bold outdoor fun. Included in the set are 54 pine wood blocks, a carrying bag, and a tumble tower branded whiteboard to keep score.

Make sure you have plenty of room to store this 14-pound set and a place to play, especially since successful towers can be built over four feet high. Big kids will enjoy playing (and have the dexterity to manipulate the blocks) and can get creative with the way they use the blocks.

Price at time of publication: $50

Best Splurge

L.L. Bean Jumbo Connect Four

L.L. Bean Jumbo Connect Four

Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Make a statement with an oversized version of the classic strategy game. Perfect for a family game, this jumbo connect four is fun indoors or outdoors. The set includes the game board, collapsible stand, 42 two-colored playing pieces, a cloth storage bag, and instructions.

All the wood pieces are sealed, so they’re safe for outdoor use, but the game needs to be covered if it’s being stored outdoors. While a splurge, the game is fun for all ages and can be moved from the playroom in the winter to the yard in the summer.

Best for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bowling

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bowling

Courtesy of Melissa & Doug

Durable and made to last, this indoor/outdoor bowling set will entertain toddlers as they develop their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Included in the set are six plastic pins, one ball, and a plastic carrying bag.

Knowing toddlers, they will likely have just as much fun putting the pins in and out of the bag as they will setting up the bowling set. Highly praised by reviewers, parents appreciate that the pins and ball are hard plastic, so they’re easy to wipe clean and move from outdoors to indoors.

Price at time of publication: $25

Best Sport

Franklin Portable Soccer Goal

Franklin Portable Soccer Goal

Courtesy of Amazon

Bring the fun anywhere you go with a pop-up goal that suddenly makes any activity into a sporty one. Great for the yard, park, or beach, the simple pop-up goal sets up in minutes and packs into its very own carry bag for easy transport. Choose from four sizes and add a second goal to your shopping cart if you want to get into full-on game mode.

Price at time of publication: $30

Best for Water

GoSports Splash Hoop

GoSports Splash Hoop


Make a splash with this sturdy, safe, and fun addition to any pool party. The floating basketball hoop is engineered to safely float and withstand lots of pool party people. Included in the set are the splash hoop, two basketballs, and a pump to inflate the balls. Reviewers praise how quickly the basketball hoop sets up and that it’s sturdy, doesn’t flip over, and can take lots of action.

Price at time of publication: $39

Best for Parties

Joyin Outdoor Lawn Games

Joyin Outdoor Lawn Games

Courtesy of Joyin

If you’re having an outdoor party, this set will help keep your crowd busy with some easy-to-play games that are fun for all ages. Included in the set are four potato sack race bags, four egg and spoon race games, and two-legged relay race bands. While the gear may not last forever, the set is portable, easy to use, and a simple way to ensure there are some fun games at your outdoor festivities.

Price at time of publication: $25

Final Verdict

Our top pick is Hakol Lawn Darts (view on Amazon). You can use them day or night, and they're fun for all ages. For the most active crowd, Spikeball (view on Amazon) is a fun game that’ll keep your crew moving and is appropriate for kids and adults. It can be played at the beach, park, or yard, and while a little costly, it’ll last for a long time. For a more budget-friendly option, the Melissa & Doug Froggy Kickball (view on Amazon) is versatile, inexpensive, and always fun for kids (and adults) of all ages.

What to Look for in Outdoor Games

Entertainment Value

Outdoor games should be entertaining and engaging for the entire family. Look for games that can be played again and again and last more than a few minutes. Invest in a game that your kids (or friends) look forward to playing. 

Playing outside is already important for a growing child as outdoor play allows children to build skills by using all of their senses. However, if a toy or game is not fun or does not meet a child where they are developmentally, it can be boring or overwhelming. Check in with your kiddos to see what they think before making a final purchase, too.


Outdoor toys and games should be well made and durable. While not all are suitable for outdoor storage, they should at least hold up through a few seasons of use (or more). If your game needs to be stored indoors, select something that you have the space for in the off-season. 

Durability is especially important if your kids are little. If any pieces break off, they can become a choking hazard for little ones or create sharp edges that are dangerous for kids of all ages.


Consider the age recommendations on the game before purchasing. Younger kids might be able to play a game rated for older kids if they are supervised or playing with their family, but for their safety, they shouldn't play these games alone. 

Avoid toys that are very loud, shoot objects into the air, pose a choking risk (any parts that can fit through a toilet-paper tube be a choking hazard), contain small batteries or magnets, or are made with toxic materials. All of these put your children at risk of injury.

Developmental Level

Once you've determined the toy is safe and fun for the whole family, you'll also want to consider if it helps your children meet developmental milestones, like running, jumping, or throwing a ball. While this is geared mostly towards little ones, knowing where your child is developmentally gives you an idea of what areas they could practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of outdoor play?

    Outdoor play promotes movement, and kids need lots of that. Toddlers and preschoolers need at least three hours of physical activity daily, and school-aged kids require an hour or more.

    Playing outside also helps kids learn about science through exploring nature. Getting enough sun exposure also promotes good sleep, which is essential for mood and learning.

  • Why are outdoor games important for kids?

    Outdoor games promote social skills like problem-solving, taking turns, and following the rules of a game. Playing outside also offers opportunities to help others in need, since kids may fall down and be injured or get into a mildly scary situation like being too afraid to climb down from a tree.

    Playing games outside provides an engaging setting that stimulates kids cognitively. They will learn about nature and the physical sciences as they play and explore outdoors.

  • How does outdoor play impact development?

    Playing outside provides many opportunities for gross motor development. Kids may walk, run, jump, and leap. Navigating the outside world also helps kids practice balance and judging distances, as they teeter across a log bridge or hop across a creek.

    The outdoor terrain is less even that an indoor floor. When kids play outside, they develop their ability to adjust their movements over rocky ground or steep inclines.

  • What skills can kids learn from playing outdoors?

    Kids can learn about nature when they play outdoors. They may discover fallen pine cones, contemplate the veins running along a leaf's surface, or observe how small birds peck at their food.

    Playing outdoors also teaches kids a lot about their own bodies. Moving in the outside world requires them to pay attention to their environment. They will learn through experience about the laws of physics as they climb trees or leap across creeks.

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