Watch All Our 'Stay Calm Mom' Video Series Episodes

Stay calm mom

Verywell / Xiaoyu Liu

Welcome to Verywell Family's "Stay Calm Mom" pregnancy video docuseries!

Join our host Tiffany Small, 23 weeks pregnant with her first child, as she gets real answers to the biggest pregnancy questions keeping expecting parents up at night. Usual discussions of pregnancy can come across as too romantic, oversimplistic, or ancient. In this series, we focus on reliable, current, and honest advice from doctors, health experts, and parents from all walks of life to hopefully bring a greater sense of calm to the pregnancy experience.

In the 10 episodes below, you'll meet Tiffany, her husband David, and lots of other new or expecting parents as they learn more about what's really going on during pregnancy, share their excitement (and nerves!) with each other, and prepare to become parents for the first time.

Episode 1: Am I Pregnant? Real Women Share Their Early Signs

How do you know you're pregnant? The answer: It's different for everyone! Follow our "Stay Calm Mom" host Tiffany Small as she shares the first time she knew she was pregnant, talks to parents-to-be about how they found out, and learns from an OB-GYN about common signs of pregnancy—and why it's sometimes confusing.


Episode 2: A Positive Pregnancy Test: Now What?

Each woman's pregnancy is unique. Tiffany speaks with Jin-Xiang, 28 weeks along, about what it's like to be having her second child. Tara, 27 weeks pregnant, anticipates becoming a single parent, and Lauren and Jen tell Tiffany about their journey with intrauterine insemination and what life is like now with their 7-week-old.


Episode 3: How Will Pregnancy Change My Body?

Body changes during pregnancy can sometimes turn into added stress—especially with the pressure women already face about their bodies. Dr. Rachel Goldman, a psychologist specializing in health and wellness, teaches Tiffany the importance of reframing negative thoughts into positive ones. Jin-Xiang, from Episode 2, tells Tiffany how she's learned to love her body along with all its changes.


Episode 4: Your Baby's Ultrasound: What to Expect

Tiffany, at 23 weeks along, and her husband David, go for an ultrasound and learn from Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, an OB-GYN, about the different types of ultrasounds. Tiffany talks with parents-to-be about their emotions upon seeing their babies (and hearing the heartbeat!) during their ultrasounds.


Episode 5: What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like?

Tiffany talks with Dr. Shieva about all the different types of "morning" sickness and learns some tips that may help to soothe the symptoms. Tiffany and moms-to-be chat about their day-to-day struggles coping with nausea and bond over the not-so-pleasant side of pregnancy.


Episode 6: Pregnancy Food Cravings: Myth or Reality?

Is there truth behind pregnant women craving pickles and ice cream? Dr. Shieva talks to Tiffany about the science (or lack thereof) behind specific pregnancy cravings. Tiffany regroups with moms and parents-to-be about their unusual eating habits during their pregnancies—and they enjoy their go-to snacks.


Episode 7: How to Prepare for Baby: What Do You Really Need?

Especially if you're a first-time parent, you may be wondering what you actually need for your newborn versus what you see in stores or online. Not to mention the overwhelming advice from friends and family. Tiffany goes shopping for baby items and talks to real moms about the anxiety of being underprepared, what the essential newborn items really are, and how you can ask loved ones for support once your baby arrives.


Episode 8: Real Moms Share Their Favorite Parts About Being Pregnant

Those 40 weeks aren't all terrible! Tiffany sits down with moms and moms-to-be to share their favorite parts about being pregnant. From pregnancy milestones like feeling your baby kick for the first time to sharing news about your pregnancy with loved ones, a baby can bring you a unique kind of happiness even before you give birth.


Episode 9: What Do You Have to Give Up While Pregnant?

Tiffany visits with Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, OB-GYN, again to talk about common things to avoid during pregnancy and debunk some pregnancy myths. Tiffany catches up with Lauren and Jen (from Episode 2), first-time parents to a 7-week-old baby, about giving things up (like turkey sandwiches) and what it means to be pregnant when you are a masculine-of-center presenting woman.


Episode 10: How to Deal With Unwanted Pregnancy Advice

It may seem like everyone and their mother has an opinion on your pregnancy! Moms, moms-to-be, and Tiffany have a roundtable chat about how to address unsolicited advice about your pregnancy. Most importantly, the moms share what makes them feel their best and most supported while pregnant. While all those opinions from others can be overwhelming, coming together with other women experiencing the same anticipation and nerves can be a bonding experience like nothing else.